New updates and improvements to Shootstack.

The First Multie Image Cover Template

May 12, 2024

New Shootstack Cover Template: Modern Muse

At Shootstack, we're constantly striving to elevate your online galleries, providing you with the features to impress your clients effortlessly. Today, we're thrilled to announce the launch of our first multi-image cover template: Modern Muse.

But that's not all. Alongside our revolutionary template, we're also introducing two new fonts to elevate your gallery designs: Miss Noteworthy and Blushing Rose.

Click here to discover all about our latest cover template and watch examples!

Shootstack Next Update

April 4, 2024

Shootstack Next Update

The biggest Shootstack update yet! This month we released Shootstack Next, a fully upgraded version with improvements and new features in both the app and gallery. This update focuses on further personalizing the galleries to fit your brand even more. We've significantly improved the user experience for both photographers and clients, making Shootstack even more intuitive and seamless.

Shootstack is now fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring a smooth experience for viewing, selecting, and downloading photos. And there is more, we've introduced several new features to optimize your workflow:

  • Upload your own watermark

  • Add your own color palettes

  • Fully mobile optimized

  • Copy favorite photos to a new photo set without watermark

  • Limit on individual downloads

  • Light & dark theme in the app

  • Comments on favorite photos

  • Share button for favorites

  • Emails outbox

  • New notification center

  • Your own subdomain

Besides the new updates, we also created new plans. For photographers with lots of photos, you can upgrade your plan now to 1tb. If you subscribed to a Shootstack plan before this update you can stay on this plan (legacy). You can change to a new plan anytime.

We believe this update will elevate your experience with Shootstack to new heights. Stay tuned for more exciting features and enhancements in the pipeline. Thank you for being a part of the Shootstack community!

March Update - Important Changes

March 31, 2024

Important changes for Shootstack users

In the latest version of Shootstack, significant changes have been implemented that can affect your existing galleries. You don't have to take any action, but it's important to be aware of what has changed.

New gallery URL

The gallery URLs have been updated from "shootstack.gallery/company-name/your-gallery" to "company-name.shootstack.gallery/your-gallery." This adjustment enhances the personalization of the URLs for our customers. It's important to note that all previous gallery URLs are automatically redirected to the new ones.

Favorite list moved to activities

The customer favorites have been moved to the activities tab. Here, you can find your favorite lists or create new ones. You'll also find galleries and individual photo downloads here.

Gallery downloads

During the update, all galleries were temporarily offline. If customers had requested a gallery download during this time, they will need to request it again via the gallery.

Invoices in Account

During the update, the invoicing system has been upgraded. As a result, your previous invoices are no longer visible in your account. You have received all invoices via email from Shootstack. If you have lost an invoice, please contact support@shootstack.io. Clearly specify which invoice you are referring to.

New pricing plan

Shootstack has new pricing plans. If you had an active plan before the update, you can keep this plan until you switch to a new one. Please note that if you cancel your plan, you can only subscribe to a one of the updated pricing plans. The new plans are more cost-effective and offer more storage. You can now also subscribe to larger plans up to 1TB. Click here for the new plans.

Updated color palettes

As it's now possible to create your own color palettes, we've updated the Shootstack color palettes. Some old colors have been reassigned to different palettes:

  • Light: Light, Dark, Dusty Blue, Midnight, and Grey are now Light

  • Neutral: Neutral, Old Rose are now Neutral

  • Gold: Golden Touch is now Gold

  • Dark Blush: remains as Dark Blush

  • Forest: Sage Green and Olive are now Forest

You can always change your gallery color at the design section. You can also create your own color palette through the brand settings.

Updated fonts

The fonts have been updated - some fonts have been removed and new ones have been added. Not all fonts are supported anymore and have been replaced with new fonts.

  • Inter: Simple and Mono are now Inter

  • Cormorant Garamond: Classic and Elegant are now Cormorant Garamond

  • Conso Light: Sophisticated is now Conso Light

More fonts will be added in the future!

Updated gallery covers

Some gallery covers have been removed and new ones have been created. Not all previous covers are supported anymore and have been replaced with new options. The updated gallery covers are as follows:

  • Classic canvas: Horizon West and Sand Swirl are now Classic canvas

  • Simplicity: Mountain Dawn and Down Town are now Simplicity

  • Timeless touch: Summer Night is now Timeless touch

More updates and new gallery covers will be added in the future!

Your new favorite way to deliver photos



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Your new favorite way to deliver photos



Copyright © 2024 Shootstack B.V. All rights reserved.

Your new favorite way to deliver photos



Copyright © 2024 Shootstack B.V. All rights reserved.